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Meet Gary

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Gary Brewer has been a resident of the tri-county area for over 40 years.  Growing up in District 114, Kings Grant, he attended Oakbrook Schools and Fort Dorchester High School.  After Fort Dorchester, Gary attended The Citadel on a tennis scholarship.  


Gary started working at his family’s furniture store in Oakbrook (Summerville)at a young age, and worked in the furniture industry before settling on a career working in infrastructure. Gary is currently the VP for Construction Services at HDR Engineering of SC. 

Our Campaign


Updates from Columbia

1 / Week 1 Update

Appointed to serve on Agricultural, Natural Resources, and Environmental Affairs, as well as, the House Oversight Committee.

We began working in our committees and subcommittees to mold legislation to send to the House floor for debate in the weeks to come.

The Governor laid out his vision for South Carolina and I look forward to working with him to ensure South Carolina’s future is bright!

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