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Gary's Platform

Improving Infrastructure

Providing quality, innovative and reliable infrastructure is a core function of government service. With the growth this area and our district has seen, Gary’s knowledge and experience will be invaluable to finding the solutions needed. Gary serves on Charleston Area Transportation Study (CHATS) as well as the BCDCOG, these organizations plan and fund projects, working collaboratively with all relevant officials and staff. Brewer was integral in getting a group to the table to complete the long awaited Berlin G Meyers Parkway, providing access for people in District 114 to have direct access to I-26 and a more reliable evacuation route.

Tax Reform

 Gary Brewer will make meaningful tax reform a priority to bring economic development to this area to lessen the tax burden on the residents.


Supporting education initiatives is critical to the future of our great state. Gary supports classroom teachers and their efforts. It is important that more emphasis be placed on technical and trade programs. Higher education isn’t a one size fits all answer to increasing the readiness of our workforce.  It is time to eliminate the stigma that a (4) year college/university is the only route for success for young adults today. 

Public Safety

Public safety is a requirement for thriving communities. Gary will always support those who serve as police and first responders. Listening to officers and voting to provide the equipment and training needed, not just to stay safe, but to also work efficiently and effectively.  The men and women in our law enforcement community need to know they have full support from our legislature and Gary will provide just that.

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