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from Columbia

Week 1

I have been appointed to serve on Agricultural, Natural Resources and Environmental Affairs, as well as, the House Oversight Committee. Time to get to work! 

Work began in our committees and subcommittees to mold legislation and send to the House floor for debate in the weeks to come. 

The Governor laid out his vision for South Carolina and I look forward to working with him to ensure South Carolina's future is bright!

This week the House Education and Public Works Committee passed a bill to ban CRT.

As we end week 5 of session, I am proud to announce that we are making tremendous progress as we work through our agenda! Just this week we passed a bill that bans Critical Race Theory in our classrooms, and Human Life Protection Act made its way out of the Judiciary Committee.

Week 6

Week 7

A common thread during Week 8 of this legislative session was protecting and supporting the next generation.

A vibrant workforce is critical to sustaining and growing our state’s economy, and it is imperative that we ensure the tools and resources needed to succeed are ready and available to all South Carolinians.

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