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Top Ways to Help Gary

CIRCLE November 8th ON YOUR CALENDAR and remember to VOTE Gary Brewer for House. Every vote counts! If you’re planning to be out of town, remember to vote absentee. You can do so by following the steps or by visiting your local Election Commission.

MAKE PHONE CALLS AND CANVASS. Now, more than ever, making calls and going door to door to encourage voters to support Gary Brewer is the best way to reach voters. If you would like to make calls from home or go door to door, please contact the campaign at 843-214-5174 or to get a list of voters to call or doors to knock.  It’s easy and fun with our new app. that you can download on your smartphone.

SHARE AND LIKE ON SOCIAL MEDIA. We need your help to increase our followers on social media. Please take a moment today to LIKE AND SHARE our Facebook page: GaryBrewerforSCHouse. It’s the easiest way to help get our message out to the community. If you need instructions on how to best Share our Page, contact the campaign for a brief tutorial. 843-214-5174

MAKE A FINANCIAL INVESTMENT. Campaigns cost money especially with the rising prices due to inflation. Please consider making an investment in Gary Brewer’s campaign so that we can get our message out using signs, direct mail and online advertising. To contribute to the campaign, please CLICK HERE.

DIY VIDEO ENDORSEMENT. Make your own video and post on your social media pages. Briefly explain why you’re supporting Gary Brewer for House. Videos should be less than 3 minutes in length and should contain a reminder about the November 8th election. You can also encourage people to vote absentee.  Let us know when you’ve posted something so we can “like” and “share” it with others.

REQUEST A YARD SIGN OR BUMPER STICKER. Let your neighbors know you support Gary Brewer. We will have a volunteer drop a sign off at your home. To make your request, call or email the campaign at: 843-214-5174,

HOST A MEET-AND-GREET. If you are interested in setting this up, please contact us at: 843-214-5174 or

EMAIL, CALL, WRITE! Tell you friends why they should vote for Gary Brewer for House. Take a few minutes to call, text, and email your neighbors and let them know why Gary Brewer is the right choice.

MAKE A LITERATURE DROP IN YOUR NEIGHBORHOOD. A great way to get outside, get exercise and spread the word to voters about Gary Brewer! The campaign will provide flyers or palm cards you can use to drop off at the homes of voters. Contact us today for more information. 843-214-5174 or

SUBMIT A LETTER TO THE EDITOR. Take a few minutes to write a letter to the editor and submit it to your local newspaper. This is a quality way to get out the reason why you’re supporting Gary. Contact the campaign and we’ll give you all the details you need to submit a letter to your local paper online.

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